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Flameproof Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Temperature & humidity transmitter with Wall Mounting facility

deepak chaudhari


  • Design: Microcontroller based design with digital sensor
  • Supply: 24 VDC from indicator.
  • Sensor: SHT31 Sensirion Digital calibrated sensor made in Switzerland
  • Temperature Range: 0.0°C to 60.0°C or specified.
  • Humidity Range: 0.0% RH to 100.0% RH.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2oC.  or +/- 0.2%RH.
  • Analog Output: Dual (4-20) mA output for temperature and humidity.
  • Output Calibration: Fully Digital Calibration.
  • Size: 120mm X 120mm X 80mm (L x H x D).
  • Enclosure: Flameproof CAT NO: PFI/IB/010, CIMFR/TC/P/H445.
  • Mounting: Wall mounting with Clamps.