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Temperature and Humidity Indicating Data Logger with Sensor

Temperature & humidity indicating data logger with Panel Mounting facility

deepak chaudhari


  • Supply: 90-250 VAC.
  • Display: 0.59” 4+4 seven segment high bright Red and Green display.
  • Input: SHT31 Sensirion Digital calibrated sensor made in Switzerland Sensor attached with indicator up to 1 meter cable.
  • Range: Temperature range :0.0°C to 70.0°C/Humidity: 0.0%RH to 100.0% RH.
  • Accuracy: +/- 2.0%RH and +/- 0.2°C.
  • Alarm: High and Low alarm for temperature and humidity (fully configurable).
  • Calibration: Digital Calibrated Sensor.
  • RTCC: Inbuilt Real Time Clock Calendar with Lithium Battery (RTC Backup Min 10 years).
  • Data Logging: Data Logging Through USB PEN DRIVE with Settable LOG INTERVAL.
  • Alarm Relay: Optional 2 Alarm relays (NO-C-NC Contacts 2A@250VAC) user settable as high or low.
  • Memory: Depends on USB PEN DRIVE Capacity (2GB Pen Drive = > 1month)
  • Size: Size: 96mm X 96mm X 110mm (H X W X D) Approx.
  • Enclosure: ABS Plastic.
  • Mounting: Panel mounting.