Universal Calibrator
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Deep Electronics offers mV/V/mA/RTD(Pt100) Calibrator model Decal 4000 which is designed mainly for calibrating temperature and process instruments. This model can source current and voltage signals and the resistance corresponding to PT-100 values with accuracy of 0.1 Ohms. 16 fixed ranges are equally divided to cover the temperature range from 0.0 to 400.0 C,variable potentiometer is also provided for adding variable resistance values.

Design : 8bit high end Microcontroller with 18bit ADC and stable Analog Circuitry.

Supply  :90-260VAC

User Interface : 4 tactile switches with coarse and Fine 10 turn potentiometer for mV / mA / V   ,Separate potentiometer for RTD Variable.

Range :  mA   – 0.000mA to 24.000mA

mV1 – 0.000mV to 20.000mV                     

mV2 – 0.000mV to 75.000mV

V      – 0.000V to 6.000V (25mA Max. )

RTD (PT100)  – 0.0oC to 400.0oC in 16 stapes

Mounting : ABS Plastic Table Top

Size : 250 X 255 X 105

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