SCR/Triac Trigger Modules
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We are providing an excessive array of SCR/TRIAC Trigger Modules (TCM-62) which is used in a variety of industrial applications. This array is offered with customization so as to meet the changing specifications of the clients. Further, we ensure that all these instruments are timely tested and updated for better quality and functioning.

  • Control action is phase angle control (self synchronized)
  • Settings available are voltage and current per phase and current limit and trip level
  • Suitable for both inductive and resistive load (upto 300A@ 230/415VAC)
  • Modules available In the form of 1,2 and 3 phase control cards, complete thyristor power control
  • Control signal are (0-5)V, (0-10)V, (4-20) mA, or potentiometer
  • Adjustable ramp up and ramp down time for soft increase and decrease of output voltage(smooth control action)
  • Ready to use control panel, triggering cards are also suitable for 1 and 3 phase rectifiers
  • Input supply voltage is 230/415 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Ratings available from 3KW single phase to 300KW three phase
  • Configuration available are single phase, two phase, three phase (3/4 wire star or 3/6 wire delta)